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“It’s so important we surround ourselves with organizations and people that have successful, loving relationships. People who really put in the work to make their businesses, their employees, and their communities successful.”



Public Speaking + Events, Private Fitness Classes, Expert Consulting & Collaborative Partnerships

Chaz works with over 70 organizations, nonprofits, city, and county agencies to provide classes and events in fitness, nutrition, and wellness. With a specific focus on diverse populations, her work has transformed the health and wellness of individuals and communities that are often ignored.

Chaz works with organizations to discover specific wellness needs and offers class and event opportunities that give tools for long-term success and overall wellness. She brings her vast experience and dedication to the people you serve.

Work with Chaz & theNEWmpls

The possibilities of theNEWyou are endless; we can't wait to work together.

public speaking chaz sandifer

Public Speaking + Events

Let Chaz's philosophies and personal experience with health and wellness inspire many at your next event.

movement classes chaz sandifer

Private Fitness Classes

Chaz creates custom classes for community members, events, and more to keep people moving! Let's create a program that meets your needs.

consulting chaz sandifer

Expert Consulting with Chaz

Chaz is a subject matter expert on a wide range of topics, from health and wellness to entrepreneurship, marketing, and community healing.

Consultations are $250/hour.

partnerships chaz sandifer

Collaborative Partnerships

We'll work with you to customize a health and wellness program for your organization, event, or community group.