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theNEWmpls is passionate about conversations that engage communities.

Join the conversation on topics of racial equity, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and entrepreneurship.

Chaz is a sought after speaker and podcast guest. Her passion, experience, and relevance will encourage your audience and impact their growth. She speaks at community events, workshops, and as a podcast guest.

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Chaz has been featured in magazine and newspaper articles, as well as news media.


It’s easy to talk about food — its tastes, aromas, textures and potential to bring people together. Chaz Sandifer and Julie Burton also use food as a way to unlock to storytelling about people and cultures.


It’s easy to talk about food — its tastes, aromas, textures and potential to bring people together. Chaz Sandifer and Julie Burton also use food as a way to unlock to storytelling about people and cultures.

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Chaz Sandifer has a unique connection to agriculture in which she manages, assists and supports local urban farmers (and other local small business owners) with providing a distribution channel for the vegetables and fruits grown locally to get into the hands of the residents that live within the community.


The countdown to a new farmers market at the south side of Lakeview Terrace Park in Robbinsdale begins. In five months, the park will be home to a weekly open-air market featuring grab-and-go food, fresh produce, and other vending from local makers.

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As she was thinking of how important it had become to her to break bread with her friends while sharing ideas, she had a thought about inviting more people in. And because she's an incredible entrepreneur, the founder of theNEWmpls and the Lakeview Terrace Farmers Market among other ventures, she decided the time was right to go bigger, to bring storytelling to life through food.


For the past 10 years, Chaz Sandifer has taken a holistic approach to health and wellness from the inside out. Her mission has been to get healthy through fitness, nutrition and wellness. Her passion prompted her to start her company, theNEWmpls.

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The first transformative health and wellness experience I was involved in was training to compete as a bodybuilder. I found peace in the gym after a difficult period in my life as a survivor of domestic abuse. I went from being a trainee to a certified group fitness instructor.

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Whether by chance or by choice or by sheer necessity, women go through the process of transformation many times throughout their personal and professional lives. Sometimes the transformation journey is tumultuous and painful. A woman may be cracked wide open and stretched in ways she never imagined.


Grilled brisket from Flame Mobile Kitchen, family-friendly music from DJ A-Quil, and a free cardio kickboxing class from New MPLS founder Chaz Sandifer, May 20 is ready to be a fun event for all ages. Like all farmers markets, the Lakeview Terrace Farmers Market by theNEWmpls is slotted to have produce, artisan goods, and local art. But the space also promises to have music, often live, and free activities.

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The Lakeview Terrace Farmers Market in Robbinsdale will run from May 20 through September 23. “For me and my business, TheNEWmpls, which stands for Nourish, Energy, and Wellness, we’re all about nourishing the community.” stated Chaz Sandifer, Founder and CEO of TheNEWmpls.

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Chaz Sandifer's personal wellness transformation fueled her passion to help others. Ten years ago, she started theNEWmpls, a health and wellness company. Since that time, she has coached more than 550 people with pre-diabetes, arthritis or trauma.

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Don't wait until January 1st to kickoff your New Year's fitness resolution! Sheletta speaks with fitness expert Chaz Sandifer about a fun working experience she's got coming up that you can join in on.

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In addition to larger societal changes, Chaz began to notice individuals around her making personal shifts. She’d heard from several white women that they’d never had a Black female friend. “That was eye-opening for me,” Chaz said. “We need to connect.”


The market kicked off a 20-week season in May near Lakeview Terrace Park, on the northeast corner of County Road 81 and Lakeland Avenue. Sandifer said approximately 6,000 people visited the market during its 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. operating hours. She highlighted some of the activities that took place at the market, like free fitness classes, chef demonstrations, and a walk organized with a local chapter of the NACCP.

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Julie Burton and Chaz Sandifer have been talking about difficult topics for several years, and the journey through discussions of diversity, allyship, and Black and white women working together and understanding each other, grew into a venture that combines food and multiculturalism.


Chaz Sandifer of theNEWmpls created Stories Behind the Menu, a monthly event that takes you on a journey through food and storytelling. The goal is to bridge the cultural divide among people of different backgrounds, races, and religions by telling the stories of how food traditions developed in various cultures.

Meet the Minnesota Makers

Chaz Sandifer, Founder & CEO of theNEWmpls, founder of Let Go Let Flow, co-founder of Stories Behind the Menu and the owner and operator of the Lakeview Terrace Farmers Market, has lived this mantra for the past ten years.  In this fourth installment of the MTMM change maker series, discover someone who walks the walk to bring wellness to her community. 

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Chaz Sandifer collaborated with female entrepreneurs to create a calendar that promotes and honors friendships between Black and White women.

“A Black & White Affair Calendar” profiles entrepreneurs to boost morale, spread love, and promote racial unity.

Chaz on Podcasts

Chaz has been a guest on numerous podcast shows.

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