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Chaz Sandifer, Founder/ CEO

Chaz Sandifer

Chaz Sandifer

Founder | CEO - theNEWmpls

Chaz Sandifer is the founder of theNEWmpls. Over 10 years ago, she began her own health and wellness transformation when she trained to compete as a bodybuilder. In search of her true authentic self, she found peace going to the gym, and discovered her life’s calling when she moved up from trainee to certified group fitness instructor.

Her passion for wellness led her to build theNEWmpls, a company that promotes health and healing through community and organization partnerships. Her work has focused on serving a diverse population, and promoting racial health and equity.

Chaz is a certified group fitness instructor and a Lifestyle Coach in Diabetes Prevention, Arthritis Prevention, and trauma healing. She offers individual coaching, consulting for organizations, fitness classes, meal-prep courses, and a farmers market. She has coached over 550 men and women who are pre-diabetic and overweight. She offers custom health and wellness programming to support those who are working through trauma.

Chaz hosts a weekly podcast called Fitness Revolution with Chaz. She is a public speaker who is frequently asked to speak on entrepreneurship, a balanced life, and racial health and equity. Chaz is a co-leader of the communications work group for Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health at the University of Minnesota.

Chaz’s children are an integral part of her business and vision, and are now her CFO and CMO. She is humbled and grateful for the work she gets to do with theNEWmpls.